2 Girls on a Bench the Podcast

Steve the Devil Roommate?

April 17, 2019

Ep. 55 Steve the Devil Roommate?

Welcome to the bench! We are two longtime friends and writing partners, putting off our projects to write reboots of random films… Laundry and pillows seem to distract us today, along with a satanic writing prompt. But hey, we wrote something! And yes, we are still talking about Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg and also Paul Rudd. Deal with it!

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Rules: no edits, 3 minutes, no more than 250 words, due 4/26 via email 2girlsonabench@gmail.com

Prompt: You are in a typical awkward elevator ride with a group of other people. Suddenly a man says, “So I bet you are wondering why I’ve gathered you here…” before hitting the emergency stop button.



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