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Ep 81 Write Club Serenade

February 21, 2020

Ep. 81 Write Club Serenade

Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench and we procrastinate on the bench… and we’ve been doing it for 2 YEARS! What?? AND a plethora of new writing submissions thanks to our #Sharpie Kayla! It’s time for some major kazoo action ;) Gotta #snackdiddy? Send it over!


February #BenchWriteClub submissions:

@KaylaStorytella (Kayla #Sharpie)


@ shirley_penick


@BooksTransire (Amanda Nelson)



Drew @ReelFeelsPod for all the Jack London info!

@HRHammer  (Stephanie #TheHammer) just cuz!

PROMO: Leave the Lights on Podcast (@leavethelightsonpod on Instagram, @13vlm13 on twitter)


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