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Ep 69 Old Fries and a Flashy Pin

September 24, 2019

Ep. 69 Old Fries and a Flashy Pin

Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench and sometimes we procrastinate… but not the past few weeks! It’s Siana’s 18-year anniversary (WOW) so a bit of reminiscing leads to the old hamburger story, again. Siana tries to get Tricia to stop gushing over Hadestown and musicals and inspiration… ending in a rant. Known to many as the “too many ideas, not enough time” syndrome. It’s also #BenchWriteClub time – come for the old fries and stay for the good stories!


September #BENCHWRITECLUB submissions by:

@rrnoall the host of @Poems4PeoplePod

@fleeksbrandi co-host of @Bookofliespod

@Kayla_Trapeze (Kayla #Sharpie or #AngelofTwitter)

@bjkdrvr8  (Bret-Jordan, our longtime pal!)


A few weeks back we hit up the Outlier Festival – so we have quite a few shouts outs to all our lovely pod-friends!








@ParcastNetwork (and the host of the new daily horoscope show!)


@michellevelyna (@Wolf359Radio)

And more!



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