2 Girls on a Bench the Podcast

Ep 58 Showtime!

May 22, 2019

Ep. 58 Showtime!

Welcome to the bench! We are two frustrated writers working on an audio sitcom on the side. Don’t worry, we still find ways to procrastinate… for instance snacks and quiche and elementary school musical theatre! Join us today for an impromptu sneak preview of #StevetheDevilRoommate from our live stream this weekend.


THANK YOU to everyone who attended and donated to #LIVESTREAMFORTHECURE, especially @Livestream4Cure and @EpicFilmGuys  for leading such an awesome event for a great cause! Stay tuned at the end of this episode for a shoutout (we’re talking to you Drew, Kayla, Stephanie and Mel!)



“Don’t believe what you hear. There is nothing dangerous in those woods.”

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