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Ep 39 - Mimosa Party for One

December 11, 2018

Ep. 39 Mimosa Party for One

It’s time for a birthday on the bench! Tricia celebrates her birthday with some hot stone adventures brought to you by Siana. We’ve got some touching mail to share, chocolate to eat and a nickname to discuss (#LaverneandShirley). This is our December #BenchWriteClub episode, so listen for all the awesome contributions!

For our December birthday we are still collecting donations for the Ventura County Community Foundation to support the families of the #BorderlineShooting in #ThousandOaks – so please donate if you can! LINK: https://t.co/t8Fn6PZSrd

Loveable Serial Killer notes from Gemma@CodswallopPod (talkingcodswalloppod.podbean.com) and Vi Gildard – Siana’s mom

#BenchWriteClub Contributions:
Caty Hein
Bret-Jordan Kreiensieck
@MGTpodcast (Chris)

Promo by Shawn Ennis@SYYPodcast -syypodcast.libsyn.com

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