2 Girls on a Bench the Podcast

Ep 113 Wrecking the Bench

May 18, 2021

Ep. 113 Wrecking the Bench

Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench and we procrastinate on the bench. This episode may be our wrecking ball, you’ve been warned – audio issues, perhaps too much vodka and general chaos! It’s time for LIVESTREAMFORTHECURE – LIVE on TWITCH starting at 6pm ET – GO NOW!


Promo for the 5thAnnual Livestream for the Cure, led by the amazing Nick (also of Mr. Nikoli’s Kitchen) coming in May – here are the details! We will be joining Nick on Saturday, May 22nd at 5pm ET.


All our Merch proceeds for May will be donated to Live Stream for the Cure!

Bench on Threadless

Bench on TeePublic


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