2 Girls on a Bench the Podcast

Ep 110 Punk Rock Cookie Jar

April 27, 2021

Ep. 110 Punk Rock Cookie Jar

Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench and we procrastinate on the bench. Only we could possibly talk both punk rock and camp songs in the same episode, and of course, there’s all kinds of nuts on the bench, as usual.


#BenchWriteClub THANK YOU to @KaylaStorytella @bjkdrvr8  @HRHammer @BrookReadingPod This month we are partnering with Down To Folk, from the Podfix Network – stay tuned for more details!


Promo for the 5thAnnual Livestream for the Cure, led by the amazing Nick (also of Mr. Nikoli’s Kitchen) coming in May – here are the details!


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