2 Girls on a Bench the Podcast

Ep 104 Bet

March 16, 2021

Ep. 104 Bet

Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench and we procrastinate on the bench. Today we figure out which Golden Girl we are, talk dirty keto (our new night club), have an leprechaun/elf chat, and make plans for so much corned beef. The March #BenchWriteClub is due on 3/20 – a Limerick about COVID (email us 2girlsonabench@gmail.com).


THIS SATURDAY 3/20 – we will be on FB LIVE, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day late, as usual!


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**GIVEAWAY ALERT**  If you leave a review on Podfix Presents in iTunes during March 2021, you will be entered in a drawing for cool SWAG from the shows on the network.


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